NASA astronauts have proven time and again that images of the Earth as taken from space can help people appreciate the places they call home - and this time it's a photo of the Red Sea that has us in awe. 

American NASA astronaut Robert Shane Kimbrough recently shared a photo from the international space station overlooking Egypt and Saudi Arabia's Red Sea. 

And it's stunning. 

People are embracing the peaceful scenery

Others just wish Kimbrough had more photos of Saudi Arabia from space

Some are just angry because the photo destroys the "flat Earth" theory

And some are using the photo to justify their own theories and beliefs

It's definitely not the first time Saudi Arabia is photographed from space. Exhibit 1: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Source: Wikimedia

Exhibit 2: Taif, Jeddah and Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Source: Wikimedia

It's also not the first for Egypt either. Exhibit 1: Lake Nasser in Egypt

Source: YouTube

Exhibit 2: Cairo, Egypt

Source: Wikimedia

At the end of 2016, NASA announced a list of its best images from space over the course of the year - and its images of Egypt (alongside Dubai and Iran) were listed among the top 16.  

Will Saudi Arabia make it to 2017's list?