Muslim human rights activist and U.S. lawyer Qasim Rashid, is the latest victim of social media hate. 

It all started when American Twitter user James Bretney sent a tweet directly at Rashid, telling him that Muslims aren't welcome in America and that Muslims should just "go home."

But, it didn't take long before Rashid turned the tables with this simple message: 

"You're wrong James. I'll prove it. Re-tweet if you want me here as an American Muslim," Rashid tweeted. 

The quoted tweet soon made the rounds online, garnering over 100,000 re-tweets. Bretney's Twitter account has since been suspended. 

Rashid told StepFeed that he did not report that particular account, but that others did following the incident. 

It even reached Bretney's employer and put his career at risk. 

"I sent a letter to the employer asking him not to terminate his employment as my goal as a Muslim it to build bridges, not walls," Rashid wrote in a message to StepFeed.

The outpouring support from thousands of tweeps is a statement in and of itself. A much needed one in President Donald Trump's America. 

But, it didn't stop there

Soon after, Twitter user @harleynana16 followed Bretney's lead with another Islamophobic tweet - telling Rashid that he is in fact wrong because Muslims are not wanted in the country. 

"Your wrong we don't want u here!!! So all of u Muslims leave our country!!!" she wrote. 

Rashid decided to fight the hate with grammar (you're* not your)

And love

Following this tweet, Rashid responded by asking the community to show their love for Muslims under the hashtag #MuslimAlly. 

The community responded right away, with hundreds taking to Twitter to voice their love and support for Muslims in America. 

"Muslims have been a vibrant part of America"

"I want Muslims to feel welcome in America"

"Will defend our Muslim brothers and sisters"

It's just "ridiculous not to be a #MuslimAlly"

"#MuslimAlly all day, every day"

FYI: "America's strength is pluralism and inclusivity"

This wouldn't be the first time Rashid has been subject to hate. 

He's received numerous messages online alongside death threats - which to him are the most concerning. 

"I report and move on," he said. 

It's about time the hate ends. Rashid is continuously working on it.

Rashid co-founded the True Islam education campaign, which explores the different ways extremists are distorting Islam. 

With the initiative, he aims to show the world what Islam really is. To do so, the campaign has boiled it down to 11 points. 

"We ask Muslims to endorse the 11 points and non-Muslims to sign on as a #MuslimAlly to show the world they stand with Muslims as equal human beings," Rashid told StepFeed. 

"When non-Muslims are informed on Islam, they are empowered to push back against fake news about Islam and Muslims," he added.

Rashid is a best-selling and critically acclaimed author. His book EXTREMIST: A Response to Geert Wilders & Terrorists Everywhere (2014) became a #1 best seller on Islam on Amazon.

His most recent book, a non-fiction memoir, #TalkToMe, Changing the Narrative on Race, Religion & Education discusses the power of dialogue and its impact on the current conversation.

Rashid has one message to the world, including U.S. President Donald Trump:

"Our happiness is not to each other’s detriment, but to each other’s enhancement. Interdependence is our path forward, not exclusion. I invite Donald Trump and all Americans to sign up as a #MuslimAlly to stand for peace, unity, and strength."