Teenage crimes in the United States have only been on the rise and the murder of a 28-year-old Jordanian woman in the state of Oregon is the latest proof of that.

The woman, identified as Sara Zghoul, was not only murdered but had her body parts decapitated and stuffed in the trunk of a BMW in two suitcases, according to the Jordan Times. 

Police soon discovered the 28-year-old's dismembered body in a car parked near the home of a man who they believe is responsible for the horrific murder. 

On Thursday night, 35-year-old Jeremiah Johnston - a resident of Oregon - was taken into custody just hours after authorities found Zhgoul's body, Oregon Live reported.

Authorities have not yet publicly identified the suspect

The focus and attention of authorities remain on Johnston who has a historic record of reported crimes. He was recently released from prison and was on probation for drug charges, according to law enforcement sources and court records.

The connection between Johnston and Zhgoul has not yet been revealed, but public records show that their houses are situated close to each other.

Zhgoul was a mother, actress and model

Jessica Winters, a friend of Zghoul’s, spoke to FOX 12 following the incident, trying to make sense of what happened.

"I'm just like comprehending everything," she told FOX 12. 

"She was so outgoing, she walks in a room and you just have to be happy. Her son, I mean I don’t know if he comprehends that she’s never going to come back. It’s just so heartless. It takes an evil, evil person to do something like that," she said.