It's not everyday that you get to film your mom's hilarious reaction to you singing along a curse word. 

But as luck would have it, Canada-based Palestinian Twitter user, @Rehamstwittor, decided to record a video of herself and her mom singing along to Cardi B's Bodak Yellow.  

The first few seconds of the short clip rolled by smoothly, with the mother-daughter duo having a rap session in the car. 

But as soon as Reham let one swear word out, her mom's reaction was stunning, to say the least. 

The following day, Reham came back with an update about her mom finding out who the artist behind the song really is. 

Let's just say she wasn't too ecstatic. 

"You want to be famous? I'm going to make you famous now"

In an interview with Irish news website, Reham explained how excited her mother was over the video going viral.

“I initially told her when the video was at 400 likes, and she got so happy that she kept refreshing the tweet to see how many people enjoyed watching it and seeing her reaction," Reham told the

“I think all this attention to the tweet has caused her to forget about the actual video to be honest.”

The video, which was uploaded to Twitter on May 8, already has over 2.75 million views and 50,000 retweets. 

What's almost as good as Reham's mom's priceless reaction? The people who liked her mom so much they had to comment on the video. 

Tweeps loved the reaction

Too much

And memes were created


"Game over"


No-one would dare to curse in front of their Arab mother

And more memes...

The look of disbelief won tweeps over

People can't get over the face

But hey, shout out to cool Arab mom's everywhere