Most hijabis know this scenario all too well: You're meeting a guy for the first time. He pulls out his arm for a handshake or leans in for a hug, and you freeze in place with no clue on how to react.  

Do you go through the hassle of explaining your religious beliefs? Or do you simply go with the flow and avoid the discomfiture

Now, imagine going through that while meeting an admired celebrity or a charming British royal... Yikes!

Well, one London-based Muslim woman experienced it first-hand when she met Prince Harry and, naturally, things got quite awkward.

The incident took place last week when Meghan Markle released her charity cookbook in partnership with the women of Al-Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre.

The book's revenues are set to support the center's regular communal kitchen, the Hubb Community Kitchen - which takes place twice a week.

Prince Harry, Markle's husband, attended the launch event at Kensington Palace and met the coordinator of Hubb Community Kitchen, Zahira Ghaswala.

In a video capturing the encounter, the Duke of Sussex is seen attempting to hug Ghaswala, who wears the Islamic hijab.

Since Islamic teachings prohibit unrelated men and women from physical contact, Ghaswala took a step back rather than lean in. Meanwhile, in the background, Markle can be seen trying to hold her husband back.

In an interesting move that has drawn mixed reactions, Prince Harry ended up giving her three air-kisses on the cheek... Yup, you read that right.

Social media users had a lot to say about the incident, with the video capturing it making the rounds online. Here's how it went down on Twitter:

Some tweeps found it quite adorable

While others laughed pretty hard

Then there's the team that thought it was plain cringe-worthy

"Second-hand embarrassment"

"Every oblivious white boy ever"

But Prince Harry supporters came to his defense

Ghaswala was praised for standing her ground

"Halal UK Queen"

"Prince Harry should've known better"

Naturally, jokes ensued

This user was impressed the prince went for three kisses

Every socially awkward person will definitely relate

What is Markle's latest initiative all about?

In January 2018, Markle began making regular private visits to Al-Manaar center and community mosque and taking part in its communal kitchen.

Markle was "inspired by how the project empowers women at a grassroots level" and decided to work on a project that helps expand the communal kitchen.

Therefore, she teamed up with the women of Al-Manaar to launch "Together: Our Community Cookbook", a charity cookbook featuring over 50 recipes from across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The project is notably Markle's first major initiative since marrying Prince Harry in May.