On April Fools' Day, KitKat Arabia introduced "the ultimate breakfast" chocolate bar with a special twist. 

An image of a new 'halloumi and zaatar' KitKat bar began making the rounds online on Saturday, garnering over 16,000 likes and nearly 1,000 shares on Facebook at the time of writing. 

Some people totally fell for it, while others saw the stunt coming. But, we all had one thing in common: deep down we were all secretly hoping this joke would turn into a reality. 

It was an epic April Fools' prank, but that wasn't even the best part of it all. 

The social media manager at KitKat made it a point to respond to nearly every single commenter on the post, with jokes and witty remarks. 

The chocolate company seriously owned the conversation.

A heart for a heart

"Shay" options soon followed ...

People were thinking of switching from Oreo to KitKat ... and KitKat gave their opinion on the matter

Explaining that they don't go with the flow ... EVER

"Don't judge a taste by its cover"

Arabic proverbs were in order ... because of course they were

What if the prank were actually a form of research ... to see how consumers will respond?

Halloumi and zaatar KitKat ... with pita bread on the side?

Falafel and shawarma KitKat next?!?

Or pesto?