Syrian Twitter user Sham Malazi - who tweets @KINGSham - was having what seemed to be a friendly conversation with a guy via i-message ... till the conversation took a sour turn.


The guy, whom she met through mutual friends, found out she's Muslim. 

"I was invited to hang out with them at the mall one day and we barely ever talked there - just small talk. Then they made a group chat and he got my number," Malazi told StepFeed. 

Islamophobia is real and could happen to anyone. The 15-year-old explained that she "never thought something like this would happen to me ... until it did."

Her reaction?

"I honestly laughed because it was just dumb. I sent the screenshot to my friend and she told me to tweet it," she explained.

The conversation went like this ... with a caption that read "it's 2017"

He not only followed the conversation up with a racist comment, but he confused being Muslim with the generic religious term Islam. 

"Are you Islam," he asked her.

Of course, she went all grammar police on him and corrected it with Muslim and answered with a simple 'yes.' 

That's when he replied saying 'nevermind' and asked her to delete his number from her phone.

Her tweet has garnered over 2,000 re-tweets at the time of writing.

This is 2017 ... "but he's in 1917"

People on Twitter soon came to her defense

Many criticized the guy's braincells

"This guy is missing out"