We all have preferences when it comes to certain aromas. Some prefer sticking to scented soap and shower gels (LUX Soft Touch with French Roses, anyone?), while others prefer spraying stronger perfumes on their bodies. 

Choosing a perfume that suits you is not as easy as you think. Actually, with many of us, scents become a part of our identity that cannot be replaced. 

There are five main types of scents in the world, each with its own unique characteristics. Which is your favorite? 

1. The world of oriental scents

These perfumes are a mix of musk, amber, Oud and cinnamon. They are heavy, strong and rich scents that suit mysterious women.

These perfumes are a symbol of power, elegance, and luxury, thus they are usually worn at night and never worn daily at work or school or with a casual modern outfit.

2. Welcome to the world of woody and earthy scents

These warm and intimate perfumes should be definitely the first choice of serious and classy women. They are a mix of sandalwood and spices, and this gives them the warmth. 

They should be worn during winter because of their warmth. 

3. Sweet sugary aromas fill the room

They are similar to the smell of sweet food such as fruits, caramel or candy. Young women prefer these perfumes the most since they add a touch of happiness and vitality.

They are suitable for daily activities and can be worn at work or school.

4. Dive into sweets with flowery and fruity perfumes

These perfumes include the typical combination of certain flowers and fruits, such as lily, rose jade, violet, jasmine, orange, mango and others.

5. Fresh scents FTW!

These perfumes make your scent "clean" since they are close to the smell of soaps.

They are usually worn during summer.

How to know what perfume suits you best?

1. Always try a new fragrance in the morning

Morning is the best time to try a new fragrance and choose what suits you. 

The sense of smell at this time is more accurate because it is not affected by the scents that you experience during the day. 

Always buy perfumes during the morning to evaluate the combinations that suit you.

2. Ask yourself what kind of scent do you prefer most?

Choose the perfume that you like. Always go for the perfume that attracts you and makes you happy. These perfumes suit your personality.

Some women prefer flowers and fruits, while others prefer heavy perfumes such as musk and amber on refreshing scents like soap and cucumbers.

3. Don't try too many perfumes

The sense of smell is very delicate. You can't try more than three perfumes since the body can't process different scents at the same time.

 You can also smell ground coffee while trying perfumes because coffee purifies nasal filaments and helps you regain the sense of smell.

4. Take your skin type into consideration

Perfumes react with the nature of the skin. You should try the fragrance on your skin since each fragrance reacts differently according to each person. 

Be careful to put a small drop on your wrist without rubbing because its composition will break down due to the heat and thus it will lose its smell. Leave the fragrance on the skin to absorb it, and then you can decide whether it suits you or not.

5. The occasion and season play a big role

Time plays an essential role in the selection of fragrance. Fragrances vary from season to season and differ from time to time. 

In the winter, experts recommend the use of warm wood perfumes mixed with the smell of oriental spices. In the summer, it is preferable to use refreshing perfumes that combine acidic and floral layers.

Perfumes that should be used during the day are made up of light and refreshing combinations of flowers and citrus. Evening events require a heavy, exciting and oriental aroma, such as amber, musk and spices.

P.S. There is a scientific way to apply your perfume. Here's a brief explanation:

Perfumes will not last long if you do not follow this magical method:

The scent usually moves from the bottom to the top. 

Apply your perfume from the feet to the head, specifically on your pulses. 

Begin with the ankle, move to the area behind the knee, then to the wrists and the pulse of your neck and finally add a drop behind the ears.

For a stronger effect, spray the perfume around in the air and walk through the "cloud". This will also scent your locks, and add a final fine touch.

When you follow these steps, you can choose your favourite perfume and therefore find your own unique scent that reflects your identity.

Do not be surprised if you hear a phrase like "are you sure you did not over wear your perfume today?"