Options for weekend plans in Riyadh are few and far between. But here are a few that I feel will make your days of rest worthwhile.


Going to the Faisaliah is oriented towards a younger crowd. Girls go there to shop and meet boys and vice versa. People tend to be quite friendly here. Most adults tend to drop off their kids at Faisaliah and go somewhere else. It's more of a hangout place for young people who go there just to chill and window shop.


Faisaliah Mall and Kingdom Centre are like celebrity rivals. They're the Haifa Wehbe and Nancy Ajram of malls, if you want. Those who go to Kingdom are generally regarded as having more money to spend because products in Kingdom Centre are more upscale. Adults also tend to gravitate towards this place because there is an entire floor dedicated for women. It also have spas for women and on-the-spot make up artists. Unfortunately, they cost a fortune especially for younger people. In other words, both malls have their own crowds.

3. Going to compounds like Fal to get wild

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Instead of malls, may prefer the micro-cities that dot Riyadh, otherwise known as compounds. Compounds have a reputation for being incredibly wild because most people who live in them are exclusively expatriates. But this differs from compound to compoud. Most of the ones on the wilder side tend to be located some distance away from Riyadh, further away from police surveillance.

4. Cruising around Tahliah street

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Tahliah street is bustling with cafes and restaurants that range from very cheap to very expensive. Fancy cars are no strangers to this place. It's an incredibly crowded area so be sure to avoid rush hour!

5. Time to get out of town


Because life in Riyadh can get stale after a while. Many people opt to head to Jeddah, Khobar or Bahrain for the weekend. Some might drop by Jeddah only to go their favourite restaurant and head right back to their city of work, Riyadh. Now if only money grew on trees...