Zahir Janmohamed
Zahir Janmohamed Source: zahirjanmohamed

Writing about Muslims in Trump's America can be a daunting, even quite confusing task, especially for white, male reporters. 

This is why Muslim writer and scholar Zahir Janmohamed decided to help them out a bit.


By creating a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek guide that'll pretty much help  anyone "write a compelling piece about Muslim Americans in just six easy paragraphs." 

Titled, "A guide for writing about Muslim Americans for the struggling white male reporter who doesn't want anyone to know Muslims make him nervous," the piece was published early on Tuesday and is now making the rounds online. 

From advising reporters to humanize characters and focus on "bedazzled hijab collections," to reminding them to always mention how they've never had a problem with Muslims, Janmohamed's guide is sarcastically right on point.

"Are you a clueless white male reporter who doesn’t know how to write abt Muslims? I got you covered"

As soon as the article began to circulate on social media, people shared a few reactions to it. 

Here's a little of what they had to say: 

Attention everyone...

This is simply "hilarious"

And actually super helpful

A "handy dandy & hilarious formula"

"Your LOL of the day"

People just couldn't even

People needed this well before the Trump era...

"This is too funny"

"I am crying over how perfect this is. Give this writer a prize, right now"