Riding on the popularity of recent "drone's-eye view" videos, Lebanon's You Stink  movement has released its own take on the trend, with a video promoting an upcoming protest on March 12.

In the video, the movement shows the true face of Lebanon, showcasing beautiful areas of the country tainted by piled bags of trash.

الفيديو الفضيحة الذي لا تريدك ان تراه السلطة اللبنانية الفاسد الفيديو الفضيحة الذي لا تريدك السلطة اللبنانية الفاسدة أن تراه، شاهد للنهاية..الإنذار الأخير، السبت ١٢ أذار، الساعة ٤، من ساحة ساسين الاشرفية إلى ساحة رياض الصلح #طلعت_ريحتكم وقتلتونا

Posted by ‎ طلعت ريحتكم ‎ on Monday, March 7, 2016

The Lebanese Tourism Ministry of Tourism released a video  titled "Rise Above Lebanon" showcasing the beauty of the country through drone footage, much like those shot in Dubai and in Kuwait . You Stink's video seems to poke fun of that video, shot in the same manner, and beginning with a message that reads "Rise Above Lebanon's Political Garbage."

The group is calling for a protest in Sassine Square on March 12 over the current situation of the country, beginning with the garbage crisis and including everything from the corruption to Lebanon's presidential vacuum.

Comments on the video on Facebook have been mixed, with some people asking what the point of the protest is, to which the movement's page replied.

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"What exactly are you asking for? I mean what do you want them to do? What is your clear demand? We're not going to go in blind."

"Our demands have been clear since the start, we want a long-term environmental solution for the garbage, and, sadly, after 7 months the corrupt state is still trying to find a way to make money off the trash and isn't thinking about our health. We're going to protest in order to remind them that we are dying more every day, and that if they don't know how to fix it, they are murdering us. We have given them 10 days until Saturday for them to find a solution."

Others seemed extremely touched by the video.

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"A country ruled by trash..."

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Moreover, the music composer for the original Rise Above Lebanon  video came forward, saying that while he wasn't asked for his music to be used in You Stink 's video, they had his full support.

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