A dog's birthday party - allegedly held in a Kuwait-based cafe and grooming center - piqued people's interest over the weekend. 

This came after footage capturing the celebration was uploaded on a local Twitter news pageIn it, people can be seen gathered around the pet, offering him a birthday cupcake. 

While the phenomenon isn't new to the country, with several pet care centers offering birthday treats as part of their services, it still led to a heated discussion online. 

It all started when this video made the rounds on Kuwaiti Twitter

Many were "shocked" ... because?

"People have gone mad"

Some refused to take the video seriously

"Are you serious?? Where are you going with this?"


A few had questions

"How did they know it's his birthday?"

"Where are this dog's friends?"

"I've been living for 40 years and no one ever thought of celebrating my birthday"

Not everyone was against the idea though

"Why are you upset about this, to each his own. Besides, the dog did nothing to hurt you." 

"At least they're more loyal than humans"

Happy birthday!!