Around Egypt in 60 Days, a book yet to be released, documents the journey of a young married Egyptian couple around the country. 

Dalia El Debaiky and Omar Attia shared glimpses of their many trips, uncovering often forgotten beauties, cultures, and historic sites, on an Instagram account bearing the same name as their book. 

Here are 10 photos for you to enjoy the tour and discover a few hidden Egyptian gems: 

1. Cairo is rich in architectural landmarks dating back to the fallen monarchy

2. Not to mention being an open history book

3. Welcome to Egypt's first Pyramid

4. Alexandria and its hidden gems

5. Time for a treasure hunt

6. One of the often forgotten sides of Egypt is its vast western desert and magnificent Oasis

7. Deserts come in black and white

8. When the noise in your city is too much, the underwater world is the perfect getaway

9. Taba is the definition of peace of mind and tranquility

10. A trip along the Nile valley reveals why Egypt is called the Gift of the Nile