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Source: YouTube

If you're Arab, you surely know and love a cheesy dessert called kunafa. The dish is revered across the region and we hate it when anyone messes with it.

Now it's true that the sweet treat is pronounced differently among Arabs, but we bet you never thought anyone would refer to it as "kah-nah-fey." 

Unfortunately, an online cooking show host did just that in a YouTube video published on Tastemade last year. Over the weekend, the host's mispronunciation of the beloved dish resurfaced online after a tweep made a hilarious meme out of it. 

She said what?

Nope. Not knefeh like they say it in the Levant, nor knafeh or kunafa like khaleejis pronounce it. 

She instead chose to say Kah-nah-fey. Is Wikipedia to blame for this? Perhaps, but Arabs couldn't let that mishap go unnoticed. 

Enough is enough

Arabs got offended, big time

Talk about adding insult to injury

Mozzarella? Ricotta? Not only does she want people to pronounce it wrong, but to prepare it incorrectly as well. 

We give her points for letting non-Arabs know that it's originally baked with Akkawi cheese, but if you are to teach viewers an authentic Middle Eastern dish, wouldn't it be better to prepare it the traditional way? 

Now, if we are to be fair a bit more, Arabs aren't always the best at pronouncing English words. Actually, any foreign language has some of us confused. 

Did anyone else notice the "let's say it together" part?

Yep, Arabs were all there for it

Jokes had to be made out of this

"Kana - we - not!"

"This sounds like Google Translate saying my name"

Now let's say it together