With practically everyone having a smart phone now, Egyptians are no exception and their taste in cellphone applications vary from one another. Some focus on entertainment and social applications and others focus on intellectual or news-related apps. However, there are a few Egyptians with a huge interest in a mixture of "eccentric" applications.

Here's just a few of the weird applications that are found on some smart phones.

1. Sexy Lace Themed Keyboard

I am not sure what a Kika Keyboard is, but apparently you get sexy laced panties lookalike keyboard along with 800+ emojis and emoticons. This applications also gives your customized fonts and customized layouts. Am I the only one that thinks banning porn in Egypt was a major mistake?

2. Pick-Up Lines

Listen up boys, pick-up lines hardly ever work. The only thing pick-up lines guarantee is the usual collective eye roll – or on occasion, a smack on the face. Seriously, don't bother because it is repulsive.

3. Toktok drift

Fancy being a toktok race driver? You have to wait no longer. Just make sure you drive a tad more responsibly than the majority of actual toktok drivers.

4. Super Sisi

Taking patriotism to a whole new level. Yes, we just went there.

5. Egyptian Pregnant Princess

This game is all about an Egyptian princess who got knocked up and is unable to take care of herself. To win major points in this game, you have to feed, wash, and help dress the Princess. For real though, this is what Egyptian teach children. Like we need more sexism in this country.

6. Rosaset El Hob Al Katellah

Image Source: Screenshot
Image Source: Screenshot

Fatal Love Bullets or "Rosaset El Hob El Kattellah" combines all messages of love and romance. Whatever happened to just saying how you feel?

7. Sewar Banat

Also known as "Girls' Pictures," this app is as creepy is as it sounds. This application is solely created to satisfy Egyptian men by circulating pictures of celebrities and regular women from around the world.

8. Talking Girlfriend

In all fairness, this is not the worst of the bunch. This application is created to talk to people when they feel alone. However, with the human's connection and attachment to technology, wouldn't talking to an application make you feel even more alone?

9. I'm a Drug Dealer

Way to glorify drug abuse and dealing, app creators! Not only do you get to buy and resell drugs, this application also teaches you how to make heroin in your "secret" laboratory. At least the game comes with teeny tiny statement at the end of the description: "We don't encourage drug dealing."