If you grew up Arab, you know for a fact how much your mother loved using home remedies to cure you when you were sick (warm olive oil on a sprained ankle ring a bell?) 

She would always explain that natural remedies beat store-bought medicines ... because your body wouldn't develop a dependency on them.

But, it wasn't just the remedies that gave you a health boost. 

There was something about the overall lifestyle, habits and traditions that gave your immune system the 110% power boost it needed. 

Here's how: 

1. The only dates you were allowed to have as a child ... were actually GOOD for you

Dates, as in the edible ones, actually improved your digestive system, helped treat and prevent anemia and promoted stronger bones!

Who wants a broken heart when you can get stronger bones instead? 

2. Being forced to normally go about your day ... in sickness & in health

Arab parents are pretty tough on their kids ... but that only made us stronger, and less spoilt.  

The downside? We weren't allowed to have a sick day, even when we desperately 'needed' it. 

3. You learned to deal with other people's germs because: Arab greetings

Source: Twitter

The amount of kisses you've received from people along the years have greatly helped your immune system. How so? People germs of course! 

Germs ain't got nothing on you now! 

4. The amount of meat you ate ... only made your bones tougher and your blood thicker

Kebbe, mashewe, qasbe, nayye, fteeleh, anyone? 

5. Your mom skillfully taught you how to avoid "fast food burgers"

Source: Instagram

Because life without fast food is just 10 times healthier.  

6. Olive oil was kind of like water ...

Do we need to explain the benefits of olive oil? To list a few things, it includes large amounts of antioxidants, has strong anti-inflammatory properties and can protect against heart disease, when consumed in moderation.  

7. Bring on the 'snoubar' fest!

Source: Instagram

Pine nuts, especially when consumed raw, can help boost energy levels, and are also a good source of magnesium. 

Eating pine nuts in moderation can help reduce heart disease risks and even improve vision. 

8. You asked for mulukhiyeh ... at least once a week

The green stuff ... because Popeye the Sailor Man! 

9. Snacking was not ordinary, but consisted of "ne5i w bajella"

Chips and candy? No ... we did snacking the healthy way. 

Of course sprinkling cumin only added spice to the mix!