There are over 200 nationalities in Dubai, but only 9 types of people. Trust us on this.

1. The let's-get-down-and-party ones

You'll most likely spot them at Zero Gravity, 360˚ or even Stereo Arcade. 

These are the people you want to de-stress with over the weekend. They will know where all the latest parties are and which club is dead and what time you need to be wherever you do. 

Even if you don't contact them personally, you'll still meet them at whatever club you do decide to go to. They're everywhere, all weekend long. 

2. Those who live in villas with huge gardens and pools

Dubai, the land of dreams, hosts those who are "well-off" but don't know it. These people are pretty down-to-earth but also quite oblivious to the fact that other people don't live as well as they do. 

They tend to live in huge villas in Jumeirah, just a few walks from the beach. Some wander off to places like Sharjah, where the houses are cheaper but even more luxurious.

They're very quick to invite you over, but won't understand why you gawk and stare at their luxurious way of living. 

3. Foodies on the hunt

These are people who have eaten at (and reviewed on Zomato) all the upcoming restaurants in Dubai. It's fun if you're quite adventurous, but picky eaters don't really get along with them. 

4. Age-is-but-a-state-of-mind

Age is truly just a number in Dubai. I'm a 22 year old, and I have 16 year old friends, a few friends in my age group (21-24), 27 year olds, and people a decade older than me.

The great thing is you can all meet up together and still have a good time. Everyone seems to have the same mind-set.

5. Job-Hunters who try to look happy all...the...time

These will be the people who are hunting for opportunities, or have already found a job through wasta which is the norm in the Arab world. 

These are the extra perky ones. They smile all the time, even though they're pretty anxious on the inside--because who wants to hire Debbie Downer anyway? 

6. The fitness freaks

There's a gym to join around every corner in the UAE,  Fitness will be their lives, and will be integrated in everything they do, especially when jogging across the Jumeirah Beach Track. 

Undoubtedly, you will meet someone who does crossfit and will try to make you join their "box" and you'll be fitness friends forever. And you'll go to all these fit and hip places to eat, and have green smoothies in a mason jar and live healthily ever after.

7. Friday Brunch archetypes

Not to be confused with the foodies, these people refuse to eat anything that isn't served at brunch. The same group of high-class 20-30 year olds will tour all the hotels and DIFC (Dubai International Finance Centre) every Friday looking for the best brunch (but will never be at the same place two weeks in a row).

8. "I'm SO swamped"

No matter the time, day and place, these people will always be busy. To make plans with them, you sometimes have to plan it at least a month in advance, and even then, they might cancel on you at the last minute. 

They're usually busy between balancing work, gym, home, outings and "me" time (#onlyinDubai).

These people have bitten off more than the can chew but are milking Dubai for all it's worth. 

9. The one who are always abroad

These people are those who used to live in Dubai but are always away on business, or are of the handful that can afford to travel whenever they want.

They always want to make plans as soon as they have a return-date, such as visiting Yas Island, or going on a safari. All with the promise of "we're going as soon as I'm back."  The plans inevitably fall through.