Before the iPad or even before the Internet, Lebanese were all connected through the same shows that they watched religiously. For many of us, they defined our childhood and our nation. They were so powerful that more than a decade later, these shows are as embedded in our memory as the national anthem is ... or maybe just the first part of the anthem.

1. Maria Mercedes


Dubbed from Spanish to Arabic, Maria was surely a pioneer.

2. Taaish w Tekol Ghayra

image 2 - t3ish w takol ghayra

Probably the person that has been slapped the most times on national television ...

3. The Bold and the Beautiful


Believe it or not, this show is still rolling ... and so are our eyes!

4. Al Asifa Tahob Maratein

image 4 - al asifa tahob maratain

The show that introduced us to Fady Ibrahim in all states and from every angle ...

5. Mr. Bheem

Image 5 - Mr Bheem

The name says it all ... no Comment ...

6. Sl-Chi

Image 6 - Sl chi

How can we ever forget Fadia, Pipo and Aamo Youssef, Amin Aameen and Teta Rosanna?

7. Morico TV shopping

image 7 - morico tv shopping

Now if you’re looking for the most random and useless products to waist your money on, this was the show to watch and order from. We must admit though, that was some great marketing ... got us all ordering ...

8. Abraj Maa Maguay Farah

Image 8 - Maguay Farah

New Year's Eve plans always revolved around that one hour segment where Maggy Farah would predict our fate for the next year.

9. Mini Studio


Insert Noise: “Miniiiii Studioooooooo ..." Make it STOP!