Dubai Media City Parking
Pictured: Dubai Media City Source: TECOM Group

Dubai is a city full of fun and wonderful things to do, but parking is definitely not one of them!

Everyone knows it, the parking situation in Dubai's Media City is terrible and a real struggle every time you get there.

There are two kinds of parking available in Media City; RTA-managed metered parking, and reserved parking for permit card holders in separate areas marked as S1, S2, S3, and S4.

Whether you're visiting to socially engage with friends or for work reasons, to find a spot in Media City will frustrate you and consume a lot of your time.

It might be frustrating in the heat of the moment, but it’s good to find humour in things you can’t really control...

Dubai Media City Parking
Pictured: Dubai Media City Source: TECOM Group

Here are 9 thoughts you're likely to have when trying to find a parking spot in Dubai's Media City:

1. Prepare Yourself

"I don’t have to be at work for another two hours, but I'm gonna leave now so I might find a parking space... Inshallah..."

“I have to be in Media City by 8 am every morning. If I don’t make it before 8, I won't find parking space. Simple as that. The few that are near my office are all gone by then,” Egyptian Ahmad El Hadidi, a manager at an insurance company, told a local publisher.

2. The Anxious Anticipation

Just when you’ve reached Media City, you cross your fingers and everything else possible to cross, and HOPE there’s an empty space somewhere...


3. The False Hope

Your eyes light up, your heart starts beating faster... and... and.. and...

"Oh no, for God's sake, a motorbike is already parked there..." *sigh*

4. You For Real???

"Why is this guy leaving so much space in between the cars! I could have fit in there!"

"Two spots, god dammit, you took two spots!!!" *angry shouting*

Source: Dubai Memes

5. The WTF Moment

"Did you really just steal my parking spot? Are you kidding me?"

Source: QuickMeme

6. I Can't Believe What I'm Seeing!

Let's be honest, some people have absolutely no idea how to park... We all know at least one person.

"How the hell did you even pass your driving test?!"

7. Unbelievable, Welcome To Dubai...

"After all this struggle, and I when I do finally find a free spot, I will still have to pay for parking!!!"

Source: AbuDhabi2

“I had a meeting at 11:30 am, but after desperately searching for metered parking, I was finally forced to park my car at a valet parking nearby, spending a whopping AED 60 for a couple of hours. I had no other choice,” an Indian media executive told Xpress.

8. To Give Up Or Not To Give Up?

"I think I should have stayed in or worked from home today... Is this even worth it..."

“I had to struggle for months to get parking, but I am finally sorted now. I feel sorry for my friends who continue to struggle every morning because there simply aren’t enough metered parking slots available for them. Some of them have started using the Metro,” said Moroccan Najwah.

9. Alhamdulillah (Praise Be To God)!

Admit it, finally finding a free spot and being the first one to put your blinker on gives you a unique sense of satisfaction!

Those without special parking permits are required to park in the metered parking, failing which they can be fined AED 200.

If you've tried everything and still couldn't find any free parking space, there is always paid valet parking at Keys Galore/Media One Hotel

Alternatively, you can try the multi-storey parking, and if you don't mind the short walk, there is also the Green Parking too.