When you go to university in Lebanon, your classmates hail from all over the world. Coming from different backgrounds, you always meet the one who came from Jeddah. Brace yourself, you have a long year ahead. Here are the things you'll be faced with:

1. Saying "Mashallah" to almost everything

sf jeddah mashallah

Of course, it's in a Khaleeji accent (even if they are fully Lebanese).

2. FUBU: lots and lots of that fashion statement

sf jeddah fubu

Pull up your pants, bro.

3. Intense Tupac (&co) culture

sf jeddah nas

They all know the lyrics to every rap song of the '90s and 2000s. Cue loud cheers when Nas is on at the club (club = Middle School Fall Dance).

4. OK, they rap pretty much everything

sf jeddah rap

"Yo, you wanna go eat after school?"

"Ma boy wanna eat, so we gonna have some meat, and I be droppin da beat."

"Umm… Is that a yes?"

5. Leaving to Saudi for two nights on a weekend for their residency card

sf jeddah iqama

Ukh, iqama drama.

6. "Faraya? Back at Conti, we used to go to Switzerland to ski!"

sf jeddah ski2

Bekaa Valley > Gstaad

7. And more things about Conti they miss

sf jeddah ski

"The campus is so big and green and ya 2allah I miss it sooo much".

8. Confusion about living in Jeddah

sf jeddah confused

You will hear: "I would definitely raise my kids in Jeddah", but then they'll say: "Oh my God there is NO WAY I can live in Jeddah anymore"

We don't get it - do you like Jeddah or not? :|

9. "Jidda gheir"

*drops mic*