Eid is the time to socialize, catch up with extended family, and move from one social gathering to another. Yup, sounds like an introvert's worst nightmare.

If you're the type of person who values spending time alone, or if you're just not a people person, then you probably dread the holidays as they push you way out of your comfort zone. 

All you really want to do with your days off is catch up on some reading, watch series, or hang out with people whose company you actually enjoy. Instead, you're forced to attend family gatherings and socialize with people you have absolutely nothing in common with.

Here are 9 ways the struggle is real during Eid if you're not a people person... May the force be with you!

1. You need some psychological preparation before visiting family you haven't seen in ages

Sucking up to people you're not fond of and faking interest in them isn't really your thing. Yet you're forced to compromise during Eid. 

2. Having small talk with people you don't know and pretending you remember them

You probably need to prepare a list of responses because you're just not that good with formalities.

And let's be honest, improvisation isn't your strongest feat. 

3. "Small talk" isn't always so small and can get uncomfortably personal

"Small talk"? More like full-on investigation into your personal life.

4. Brace yourself for some self esteem-crushing commentary on your physical appearance

*Infinite eye-roll* 

5. "Awkward moments" brought to you by Eid kisses

This is what goes on in your head throughout Eid visits: "One? Two? Three?... Why is this woman going for a fourth kiss?!" 

Can we just petition for hugging to become the official Eid greeting? Or, let's just cancel the whole thing and stick to handshakes instead. 

Come to think of it, is physical contact really necessary at all? 

6. Being forced to talk on the phone with relatives abroad

Just pray for horrible Internet connection to cut the call short and spare you the misery.

7. Being stuck in your room avoiding guests

You'll gladly choose chilling in your room over seeing your parents' guests any time, any day.

8. Replying to tens of text messages from people you haven't talked to in years

The real struggle is trying to figure out whether a text is a broadcast message or a message sent especially to you. 

So now the question is: To reply or not to reply? 

9. Being force-fed chocolate and ma'moul

"No auntie, I'm not trying to be nice. I really can't fit any more ma'moul into my system! Besides, didn't you just tell me I gained weight?"