Middle Eastern parents tend be very strict and they're not exactly the kind of parents you can hide stuff from or fool with a very simple and yet elaborate lie because they have pretty much done it all before. They also have this uncanny ability to tell when you're up to something or have done something that is not exactly approved of.

There's simply no way of getting around them sometimes. Or ever.

1. Your secret cellphone

You probably always kept it in a box within a box within another box at the back of your built in secret closet within your closet.

2. The hot shorts you like to wear during PE classes

They were probably burned to the ground. Woops.

3. Your foreign boyfriend or girlfriend

There is no shortage of lectures about this topic.

4. Your artistic aspirations

You were probably made to kiss the paintbrushes away.

5. The lies you tell to extend your ridiculous 11 PM curfew

For some reason, they just don't believe your at a friend's place. Instead, you're probably out there dancing on tables and getting into all sorts of "haram" stuff.

6. Your vegetarianism or veganism

"How dare you go against the will of the God?" and "you're not more merciful than the creator" are two pretty common fights you've had at some point.

7. When you're about to smoke your very first cigarette

8. Your school report card

If it's not the perfect score, you know you better hide it, and perhaps forge your parents' signature.

9. When you do something wrong and you try to dispose of everything they can throw at you or beat you with

The weapons are hidden in plain sight and therefore, a major butt-whopping is inevitable.