If you live in the United Arab Emirates, you might face a few moments when you feel the need to explain yourself.

It could be the funny look people throw at you or the judgmental reaction you get from them that gives you this urge to provide a justification for your actions.

Here are 9 of these awkward moments and the perfect response to them:

1. If you want to wear boots


“But it is 15 degrees outside and it looks like a storm is coming!”

2. If you live in International City

“I hardly ever stay in that flat… I just use it to sleep.”

3. If you buy a 20,000 dirham luxury handbag

“But there was a five percent discount at Tom Ford and I need this shade of bubblegum pink.”

4. If your show-off friends caught you shopping at Redtag

“I was buying a gift someone...”

5. If you buy popcorn, nachos, corn cup, crepe and gummy bears at the cinema


“I haven’t had lunch today and the movie is three hours long.”

6. Being sober on a night out

“I am not weird… I just don’t like alcohol.”

7. If you go to brunches or ladies nights almost every week


“I’m not weird… I just like alcohol.”

8. If you drive a Toyota Yaris

“It’s just my rental car until my BMW is back from being serviced.”

9. When you have a conversation with an Emirati person but don’t understand a word


"Sorry I didn’t get what you mean mainly because I am a too lazy to make an effort to learn a word of Emirati... even though I’ve been living in the UAE for the past 10 years."