They are the talk shows, game shows, and variety programs that transformed the 90s into a decade of Lebanese television entertainment not to be forgotten. 

They are chef Antoine, Dede, Micho, Pipo, and Peter Khoury -- the household names and entertainment icons of their time. 

Get ready for some serious nostalgia as we take a trip down memory lane.  

1. Wa2if Ta 2ellak

Launched in 1995, Peter Khoury's Wa2if Ta 2ellak New Years Eve Specials became the stuff of television history. 

Every episode was titled in reference to an incredibly moving true story featured on the show annually, right up until 2005.

A special New Year's Eve come back episode aired on LBCI in 2012.

2. Keef w Laysh

This childhood favorite brings back so many memories.

It first aired on LBCI in 1993 and became popular for its songs and dressed-up characters.

Who can forget Dede? Or Sit 7ashoura? And all the songs?

No one.

3. Ma Ellak Ella Haifa

The opening credits song says it all.

The 1997 workout TV show Ma Elak Ela Haifa became essential to every sports addict's morning. It also became a hit across the Arab world ... for obvious reasons.  

4. Sire w Infata7it

Broadcast on Future TV between 1999 and 2012, Sire W Infata7it was a talk show that covered every kind of story from across the Arab world.

It became an instant success and is considered one of the most watched programs of the late 90's and early 2000's.

Presented by Zaven Kouyoumdjian, every episode presented a humanitarian story -with a twist. From entertaining viewers to shocking them, it never failed to bring something new to the table.


Pipo, Amine 3amine and Fadia el Shere2a became household names when SL CHI began airing in 1994.

Even though the show was discontinued in 2002 when MTV was shut down (2002-2009), its funniest moments will never be forgotten.

6. Ma'akool El Hana

Chef Antoine was the first chef to host a cooking show on Lebanese Television when his show Ma'akool el Hana began airing in 1995.

His jabale accent, easy to follow recipes and live cooking Q&As made him a favorite in Lebanon.

His show continues to run on Tele Liban.

7. Misho show

Michel Azzi, is a TV presenter who became a sensation in the 90's, not only in Lebanon but around the Arab world and in the Gulf.

One of his most popular programs titled Micho Show, aired on Future TV between 1998 and 2006.

Who could ever forget Micho's hand gestures and his famous ellak?

8. Ya Leil Ya 3ein

Marianne Khalat and Tony Abu Jaoudeh's hit entertainment program featured a variety of performances, games, and interviews.

The show hosted singers, actors and artists from across the Arab world.

It began airing on LBCI in 1999 and became an instant success.

Lebanese TVs? Won't you bring back the good stuff?