It goes without saying that Arab mothers are overprotective. Their overprotective nature has brought a number of phobias to life ... phobias that only exist because Arab mothers exist. 

In case you needed a little reminder, here are 9 fears Arab mothers struggle with on a daily basis:

1. Fear their kids will stay hungry

Arab mothers are known for this one. Their solution to this phobia is basically carrying pita bread and Picon EVERYWHERE. 

When traveling, when attending outdoor BBQs, during hour-long drives ... you know just in case the kids don't get full. 

2. Fear of food spilling on the couch

How do they overcome this specific fear? Of course, by covering every inch of furniture with white sheets. 

Sometimes transparent coverings are used, sometimes old towels. If it covers the couch, it works. 

3. Fear of entering the "forbidden room"

There is one room in every single Arab household that is labeled as the "forbidden salon" that is only opened to the public when you have guests coming over. 

In that room, you will find treasures (crystal souvenirs) stored away in cabinets that are only there for display. 

There's a table filled with picture frames of every single member of the family. Your ugliest photo are on display because your parents are convinced you're an "amar" in that photo.

4. Fear that you've lost mobile coverage (or that you're dead somewhere in a forest)

It's not a good outing unless you've received over 20 missed calls from your mother. That's the only way to know you've had a crazy night. 

5. Fear of compliments, eyesight and praise

It's not so much a fear of compliments as it is a fear of a compliment NOT followed by a "mashallah" ... and a "knock on wood." 

6. Fear of not seeing you get married

The only way they combat this fear is by passing hints every now and then about other people getting married. This is to try and convince you that it's time for you to settle. 

Your family develops this fear on your 18th birthday. Sometimes 16th. Sometimes 15th. Really depends.

7. Fear that the fridge will run out of pita bread

Right before anyone steps foot out of the house, your mother will check to see if there is enough pita bread for the day, the night and the next morning. 

There is always a backup inventory in the freezer. Always. But the fear is always there. 

8. Fear that the "wind will hit you"

Stepping outside in breezy weather means one thing to your mother ... going to war with the wind. 

She's afraid that you will come back home sick because you didn't dress properly for your outing. 

Their solution is layers upon layers of clothes. 

9. Fear of losing their precious gems ... aka tupperware

Tupperware is seriously on a different level of precious household items. 

Do not, I repeat do not, ever lose your mother's tupperware. You will be reminded of it till the day you die.