Youth unemployment (individuals aged 15-24) is a cause for concern for many Arab nations. According to a study by the International Labor Organization (ILO), youth unemployment rates have risen between 1991 and 2017. 

Here's how Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE ranked. 

1. Libya

Libya's youth unemployment rate has increased from 44.8 percent in 1991 to 48.6 percent in 2017. It is the only country in the region to score more than 36 percent in 2017. 

2. Tunisia

Over the course of 26 years, Tunisia's youth unemployment rate has grown by 5 percent from 29.7 percent to 35.5 percent.  

3. Jordan

Jordan has also grown steadily from 30.7 percent to 34.0 percent. 

4. Egypt

With a population that has surpassed 95 million, the country's youth unemployment rate is a staggering 33.1 percent. 

5. Saudi Arabia

KSA's youth unemployment rate has risen 5.2 percent. It currently stands at 32.2 percent. 

6. Algeria

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Source: Ceicdata

In contrast, Algeria's figures are down to 26.8 percent from 39.5 percent in 1991.

7. Lebanon

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Source: Fanack

The Lebanese rating has only moved by 0.3 percent, standing at 21.8 percent in 2017. 

8. Morocco

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Source: Fanack

Morocco's rate has dropped from 27.9 percent in 1991 to 21.3  percent. 

9. United Arab Emirates

UAE's youth unemployment rate has increased from 8.5 percent to 11.4 percent.