1. Law konti bazga 3al 7eit kan la7astek = If you were a spit on the wall I would lick you

Hmm...so romantic. 

2. Safa7 = Serial Killer

It's not as scary as it sounds, I promise!  You tell someone that you got a promotion at work. They reply saying "safa7"...or in millennial speak: you slay them. give yourself a pat on the back you deserve it!

3. 3ala rasi = on my head

3ala rasi has many different variations and can be used as an apology or compliment. 

4. Kbeeeeeer = big

Ya kbeeeer! Aka you badass! 

5. Shagfeh = A piece

What better way to objectify beauty in Arabic than to describe it as a 'piece'. Ex. Ryan Gosling shagfeh!

6. Wa7sh/Wa7sheh = Beast

After an hour and a half of doing deadlifts, push ups and not skipping leg day, you can call yourself a wa7sh/wa7sheh! 

7. 7areega = on fire

El 7afleh kanat 7areeeeega!!!! I.e.: the party was A-MAAAAZING! The word can be used to describe anything from a person to an object. 

8. Men 3dam el ragaba = from the neck bone

Referring to someone as being part of your bones is probably one of the biggest compliments you can get from a Jordanian. Eve is said to have come from Adam's ribcage, and your friendship came from the bones on my neck! 

9. Imshi 3ala rimshi = walk on my eyelashes

You know when a girl walks down the street and a Kia Sephia car filled with guys passes by? For some reason the drivers hits the break and 2-3 guys pop their heads and say "imshi 3ala rimshi"...yeah...that actually happens...or has happened at least once.