Last week, a Saudi singer was arrested for "dabbing" during a concert ... and the news quickly spread like wildfire. 

The kingdom's campaign against dabbing has been ongoing for years; kick-started by Saudi Arabia's National Committee for Combating Drugs, an initiative by the government to address drug addiction in the kingdom. 

The committee suggests a link between the arm gesture and sniffing drugs, citing an academic article in the journal Pediatrics entitled: "Assessing the Dangers of ‘Dabbing’: Mere Marijuana or Harmful New Trend?" according to Saudi Gazette. 

Despite the serious action taken against those who "dab," many are expressing their shock on social media over the illegality of what they once thought was just an annoying millennial dance craze.

1. Rebel Level: Saudi Dabbing

2. Some were actually happy that a country has officially banned the ridiculous dance craze

3. "Saudi doing something right"

4. Some see the "war on dabbing" more of a regressive decision

5. Sarcasm dominated the conversation

6. Call the "dab police," anyone?

7. Jokes aside ... it's for real though

8. Others think it's the "best news to come out of the Middle East for decades"

9. And, then there were those ...