The digital age has done wonders for us all, but it leaves lots to be desired. Almost all forms of communication happen via text message or voice message, which kills you on the inside because you miss using your hands.

There's something about communicating with hand gestures that makes Arab conversations all the more exciting. It's like with all those Arabic phrases that you wish translated well, something is missing when you're not using your hands, Arab-style.

These 9 gestures shape your daily existence.

1. You'd better listen real good...

With so much competing for people's attention, this is a great, tried and true way to get people to listen.

2. And this extremely demonstrative one

Photo source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

Using your arm to determine the length of something is a must. Most of the time it adds exaggeration to the mix because let's face it, half your arm cannot be the size of everything in this world. Let's be real.

3. Really bites

Photo source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

Life gets you so frustrated makes you wanna bite your finger off. Am I right? This gesture translates into "get away from me right now before I hurt you...or myself"

4. Walla la kassrak!

Even Zayn Malik knows how essential this hand gesture is.

5. Don't you dare open your mouth

Photo source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

There's really no need to get ugly with words when you can silence the person in front of you with a single sleight of hand.

6. Or else I'm going to give you the finger

power point

Not that finger! There's nothing like that special Arab finger point to grind someone to submission.

7. Just you wait and see what's coming for you...

Photo source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

We groom our beards, real or imaginary, to announce impending revenge.

8. What's your problem?

Photo source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

If you want to get into a fight, or a "mashkal" this is your favorite hand gesture, hands-down...except your hands are up.

9. But nothing has ever terrified us as much as this


In the history of gestures, none has ever said so much and marked us so deeply. It means:

"You really messed up this time. I don't want to show you how angry I am In front of all these people But we'll deal with this when we get home The punishment is unspeakable Literally Love, Mom"