There is no escape from the passage of maternal wisdom. The struggle is real when a new mother is torn between the advice of her maternal bloodline…and the prescriptions of her own doctor. 

Here are eight pieces of advice you definitely shouldn’t be taking, and that science has decisively rendered myths: 

1. A baby shouldn’t leave the house.

This advice only applies when the weather's bad! Otherwise, fresh air is excellent for a baby’s health. 

2. Daily showers are a must

Babies don’t sweat like adults do, so they don’t need a bath everyday, unless there’s a major diapers misadventure! 

3. Don’t breastfeed when you're pregnant

This is nothing more than an old wives' tale. Breastfeeding while pregnant doesn’t hurt the mother OR her fetus. Unless your doctor says you have a nutritional deficiency and can’t afford to pump out the milk, you can throw this piece of advice out the door. 

4. Some babies are allergic to their mother’s milk

There has never been a child that was allergic to their mom’s breast milk. It’s a biological impossibility.

5. Babies not only need milk but water, too

A mother’s milk is the only fluid that a baby needs. Water isn’t supposed to enter his/her system until after 4-6 months of age. This is also when he/she can start eating solid foods.

6.Baby wraps for a straight spine

The habit of wrapping a baby in fabric for a straight spine is one of those grandma myths that have very little empirical support. Legend has it that a baby wrap induces feelings of security in the baby, because it’s a feeling that resembles a return to the womb.

In fact, doctors warn against the practice. It restricts necessary movement from the baby, and this only stunts growth. 

7. Babies should wear their left shoe on the right foot and vice versa

Some of our grandmas though that this practice would prevent flat-footedness. Dismiss this completely, my friends, and let your kid roam free, preferably barefoot! 

8. Don’t let your kid use their left-hand ... ever

What’s wrong with being left-handed? Let’s get rid of these silly attitudes once and for all. 

9. Don’t let your kid get a so-called ‘sugar high’

The only reason you should reduce your kid’s sugar consumption is to prevent tooth cavities, and by prescription from your dentist. 

There is no scientific evidence to support that there is any such thing as a “sugar high”.