I'm walking into the club and I'm just SO pumped for the night. I bust some serious dance moves before they start walking in. Oh no, hold the dancing, it's gona be rough... Lebanese girls' major no-nos of 2016 are about to happen:

1. Leggings as pants


They just aren't! Now, I know you own at least nine pairs of jeans, including those boyfriend jeans your mom just didn't understand, so please start wearing them. And honestly, if you don't mind letting those extra pounds hang, then you do NOT get to complain every time we order dessert. Leggings are leggings and not jeans, which gives birth to the next item on the list...

2. Jeggings


Girls, that was over three years ago (and should have never been a thing to begin with), so why are we seeing this come back to life? They have never looked good. Najwa, It's not always comfort over style #HipsterNajwa

3. Power of the H


I walk into Hermes and I find some belts: thin H, super thin H, no H - they all seem pretty cool! Hold on, what is this I see? Why is it humungous? What font is that?! WHY are people ordering it?!! Wear anything else from the collection, anything at all, but lose the flashiness please!

4. Black lipstick


Okay, I understand a random night where you thought it was okay, but to make it a daily thing? Unless you go through metamorphosis to turn into Rihanna, then please keep your insistence on expressing your dark side to the world through other ways!

5. Half-shaved hair


And neither are you Britney Spears. You do not look avant-garde, you look like someone who was having a seizure while holding a razor and it somehow landed on your head

6. Robin Hood shoes


Shall I buy you a lute to accompany the shoes? Because that's the only thing I can do when I don't know whether you're wearing a pair of normal shoes or normal boots

7. Unibrow


You're taking this Cara De Levine eyebrow style way too far - I can honestly see a unibrow forming. Pluck your eyebrows... like today

8. Fully ripped jeans


Just take 'em off, really, don't bother exerting the extra effort to actually wear them. In fact, how DO you wear them?

9. Muffin face


Is everyday a wedding for you? Do you even recall how your face looks without seventeen kilos of foundation? Who are you beneath those layers? A moment of reflection is indeed needed here.

10. Bras to the club


I don't even want to think about the maghis you experience the morning after clubbing. Wear a shirt, honey.