If you're one to believe in Arab superstitions, then you're about to get really paranoid when it comes to your dreams during the night. There are certain dreams that are believed to be attached to negativity, including loss of a loved one or debt.

Yes, the dreams aren't really in your control, and anyways they are just dreams after all, right?

But, if you are quite superstitious, maybe you should consider making a jar for charity that you'll donate to for every bad dream you have, including these 9.

1. Hair falling out


Hair falling out or cutting one's hair in a dream is not a good sign. Hair is believed to be linked to wealth and money in dreams, so if you're losing hair in your dream, you may be losing a bunch of money. However, cutting your hair is believed to be linked to sorrow, grief and loss.

2. Blood


Troubles and unhappiness heading your way...

3. Teeth falling out


Anything that has to do with rotten teeth or teeth falling out of your mouth is a dream you want to avoid having. It's usually linked to the death of someone close to you. Some may even think that the side the tooth fell out of is linked to your mother or father's side of the family.

4. Someone dead picking you up or taking you somewhere


If someone who is dead comes to take you or someone you know somewhere, it is believed that death is coming after you.

5. Being pregnant


Yup, being pregnant in a dream is not something pleasant, especially if you're not married. Bitter events will wash over you and your family, or so they believe.

6. Snakes and rats

Indy Snakes

I mean who would enjoy a dream with snakes and rats anyways? But, these two animals are believed to be enemies coming your way. So, you better watch out who you let in to your life from this moment on.

7. Losing something, like a purse or money


It is believed losing something in a dream is linked to lost opportunities in your life. Also, not a good thing.

8. Fire


Threats and pain will take a toll on your life. Fire represents aggression and anger, so the bigger the fire, the worse it is for you.

9. Houses/towns being destroyed


Basically dreaming of destruction is as bad as it can get.