A long, long time ago, before the Internet, the tablet and the smartphone, children of the world eagerly awaited the weekend. These weekends were special, because during one thrilling hour of the morning children could watch their favorite animated series on TV, back to back. Imagination flourished and all was well in the world. But then, children grow into adults, as children often do, and were forced to put their childhood selves into everlasting slumber. The TV shows were almost forgotten until, the Internet decided that enough was enough. In attempt to awaken the sleeping childhood selves of adults around the world, here's a list of 9 of the most memorable animated series you watched while growing up in the Middle East:

And, yes. We’ve included the opening credits for each one, just to tug a little harder at your heartstrings.

1. Salahef Ninja (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

The best thing about TMNT was Master Splinter, hands down. He’s the guy who gave us our heroes in a half shell. There was no one else you’d want to bow down to.

2. Woody Woodpecker

Did you know that Woody was voiced by a woman? Grace Stafford (creator Walter Lantz’s wife) secretly added her recording to a bunch of audition tapes. When Lantz heard that laugh come through the speakers, he had no idea that it was his wife’s tape.

3. Adnan w Lina (Conan Boy)

When you put a post-apocalyptic world, a kind boy with extremely powerful toes and a young girl with extra-sensory perception together, you have a perfect recipe for adventure and romance.

4. Captain Majid (Captain Tsubasa)

You can “Ole” and “Forza” all you want, rock every Christiano Ronaldo jersey you can find, but this guy will still be the original all-star player.

5. Grendizer (UFO Robot Grendizer)

Armed with flying drill punches, shoulder boomerangs and Harken blades that can be combined to form a staff, there is no enemy you’d meet who wouldn’t run for their lives.

6. The Pink Panther Show

Opening Credits:

Theme song:

The clumsy but cautious Inspector Jacques Clouseau pitched against the uber-classy and slinky-dinky pink feline with the greatest theme song of all time. Enough said.

7. Al Sanafer (The Smurfs)

Although the recent movie remake has been popular, nothing will ever beat the original 99 white pants-wearing, stork-riding, sarsaparilla-eating Smurfs.

8. Zeina w Nahoul (Maya the Honey Bee)

The bravest, little bee in the history of ever. Zeina’s story begins with her deigning to leave the safety of the hive, resulting in her immediate exile. First, who in their right mind sends a child bee into exile? Second, who cares about exile when you can have awesome adventures?

9. Tom and Jerry

Nothing to do here. A timeless classic.