This is a throwback to when our parents took time off to put us to bed and read us bedtime stories... 

Not because of their love for us, which is unconditional and undeniable, but just because they were willing to do anything to get us to sleep...

This should bring back some good old memories:

1. Alf Leila w Leila

"The 1001 Arabian Nights," is in fact one tale and several at the same time. 

The book is based on Shahrazad, one of the many wives of King Shahryar, who manages to keep him from executing her by telling him a series of tales every night before bed.

2. Ali Baba wel 40 Harami

"Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves" is the story that introduced the well-known phrase "Eftah ya Semsem" (Open Sesame).

It is one of the many stories of "The 1001 Arabian Nights."

3. Layla wel The2b

"Leila and The Wolf," better known as "The Little Red Riding Hood," is one of the simplest, yet most popular bedtime stories.

It goes back generations, somehow getting less creepy every time...

4. Bayad el Talj wel Akzam el sabaa

"Snow White and the 7 Dwarves" is a princess fairy tale read by Arab parents to their beautiful little princesses. 

5. Cinderella

"Cinderella" is another princess fairy tale of an orphaned girl who ends up having to serve her evil stepmother and stepsisters after her father's death... that is until she finds her prince.

6. The Princess and The Pea

To find the true princess, one must place a single pea from a pod under 10 mattresses... The princess who cannot sleep from that little bump is the one the prince shall marry.

If only life was truly that simple..

7. Aladdin's Wonderful Lamp

Another popular tale from "The 1001 Arabian Nights" series is Aladdin, of course.

Isn't it everyone's dream to suddenly be granted three wishes from a genie in a lamp?

8. El Namla w el Sarsoor

Source: GAANAA

"The Ant and the Cockroach"...

What's a bedtimes story without a moral lesson about hard work finally paying off?

9. The Boy who Cried Wolf

Here they go again... Arab parents trying their best to teach us that nothing good comes from lying.