The beauty of growing up with a younger sister in an Arab family is a double-edged sword. You yell at one another, fight, make each other cry, yet find the way to unite and have lots of laughs. 

In general, being the older sister is a position that throws tons of responsibilities on your shoulders... but being an older Arab sister adds an extra kick to it all.

Here are nine Arab things you'll definitely relate to if you grew up with a younger sister:

1. You automatically assumed the role of primary guardianship

You're not your younger sister's mother, yet you find yourself, more often than not, playing that role. And because your mom is Arab, she takes no offense when you do.

2. You were her tutor at some point

You taught her how to thread her eyebrows, straighten her hair, and there's definitely a school project of hers you've done entirely on your own. You've pretty much become her life coach, instructor, and tutor.

3. Many wars were ignited over clothes... and to this day

If you have a sister, it's almost certain that the biggest fight you've had was over who stole whose clothes.

4. You were forced to take her with you everywhere you went

"You can go... if you take your sister with you" is definitely a sentence your mom has uttered, forcing you to decide if her company is worse than not going.

5. There was no such thing as a private conversation with a crush

The poor men you talked to on the phone never knew there was someone eavesdropping on every single word they said...

6. You had the privilege of deciding who she gets to date and be friends with

At some point, you've told her a certain boyfriend is "no good" and felt like a boss doing it. And if you don't like a certain friend, best believe you won't be seeing more of them.

7. You were, and still are, the first person she told everything to

The tea is especially hot when it's about a certain family member.

8. You were the standard for what she could and couldn't do

If your dad ever let you go to a concert, best believe she remembered the exact place and time so that someday she'll be able to do the exact same thing. This applies to sleepovers, having a boyfriend, choosing a college major ... and so on.

9. Eventually, your friends became hers

And vice versa, because "The more the merrier" is always true with Arabs.