Jordan goes beyond the casual hangout at restaurants, cinemas, bars, and clubs.

As summer is slowly making an appearance, it is time for tourists and locals alike to discover all their options for a good adventure.

Here are nine activities to enjoy as you break out of your routine shell:

1. Hiking

In Jordan, there are countless adventures waiting to be taken on, including abseiling, climbing, hiking, and jumping into the water of a Wadi - Wadi Mujib, Wadi Hidan, and Hamamat Main, to name a few.

There are also different options that vary in levels of difficulty; think of how much risk and adventure you’re willing to take and just go for it.

2. The Dead Sea

If your aim is to sit back and read a book, then the Dead Sea is here to satisfy your plan. And since you're there, live the full experience by floating in the salty water and masking your skin with the natural mud.

3. The King Talal Dam

As some people choose to chill by the water whilst on vacation, others love the adrenaline rush of any sort of extreme sports. 

Visit or partake in the easy hiking trail of the King Talal Dam, as it runs through an agricultural land and leads up to a waterfall.

4. Stargazing in Wadi Rum

In case all you need in life is a weekend away from the city to spend some hours in silence and away from the world, then you might consider Wadi Rum for a night in nature.

Unwind and enjoy the breathtaking views all day long as you explore the mysteries of the desert, and stargaze your night away when the sun is down and the air gets chilly.

5. Aqaba

It’s three hours away by car and 45 minutes by plane. Whether you’re staying at a villa or a hotel, you will definitely have a good time at the beach in Aqaba. Activities include water skiing, diving, parasailing, and scuba diving.

6. Dana Reserve

It is Jordan’s largest reserve down south and it happens to overlook Wadi Dana, which is covered with sand dunes in the west and mountaintops in the east. The reserve is also home to a great variety of wildlife.

Scenic views combined with wildlife and serenity is the perfect trifecta if you’re an adventurer, explorer, and looking for something eco-friendly.

7. Ajloun Area

Whether it’s visiting the Ajloun Castle or the forest reserve, you are guaranteed to see greenery in its dense forests, experience its history, and enjoy nature and its wildlife as you walk around and explore the area.

8. Carakale

Located in Fuhais, this place is a trendy spot for locals and tourists alike. Going up to Carakale Brewery for a meal and some beverages with friends is getting more and more popular, as this place offers a stunning view and a pet-friendly policy.

9. Art galleries

The art scene in Amman is continuing to grow and gain more popularity. Get lost in galleries found around Amman and immerse yourself with pieces of art that are deeply rooted in our cultures.

Some eye-catching galleries include Darat al Funun, Nabad Art Gallery, Orient Gallery, Dar Al Anda, and Wadi Finan.