Old age is nothing to be ashamed of; even though it comes with a few (many) downgrades.

As our beloved Arab parents grow older, we start realizing their dependency on many items to help them get through the day, including reading glasses.

And to be fair, they wear them in some funny ways sometimes and for some petty reasons. Take a look at how Arab parents use their reading glasses:

1. To show you their multitasking powers

Fo2 aw tahet, as long as they drive you safely back home. 

2. Which work for every occasion

Movie night with your folks? They're in. 

3. To flaunt their generosity

Other than buying them from that shady pharmacy across the street, they honestly believe anyone else can wear them too.

4. To prove they're trend setters

When you see your mother with colorful flower-themed glasses and a long chain to keep them from falling off ... remember, she wore them long before it became a trend.

5. To prove they can rhyme

"My love for my darling 

Is like my constant search for my reading glasses which I can never find

Because I'm wearing them."

6. To practice their lost and found skills

And you're always the errand boy, running around the house looking for them. 

7. To make sure they can help you

Kid: Baba, what does this word mean? 

Dad: *Fumbles and tumbles to reach for glasses* "Wen, farjineh."

8. To give their nose a good workout

They carefully place their reading glasses on the edge of their nose, right before going on a stalking frenzy on Facebook. 

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