Arabs have been conditioned to have certain opinions that we have somehow unanimously agreed on ... without discussion.

But, there are some people who don't necessarily agree with the majority of the Arab population - a right they're entitled to.

However, for that, they are often treated like aliens because, let's face it, you're not truly Arab if you don't like stuffed vine leaves.

Twitter user @JHabashy15 created a thread on the micro-blogging platform, inviting people to share "unpopular Arab opinions."

These eight will make you want to block the user ... for basically having an opinion other than yours:

1. Warak Enab is "the worst dish"

2. "Egyptians aren't Arabs"

3. "Lebanese aren't Arabs ... we are Phoenicians"

4. "Bamya is really underrated"

5. "I really can't stand mansaf"

6. "Mansaf shouldn't exist"

7. "Valid majors outside engineering and medicine exist"

8. "Knefeh over Baklawa"