Just to be clear, the Arab world isn't exactly the most comfortable and open place for young women to announce they're in relationships. 

Parents are always investigating your love life and wondering when you'll get married, ultimately making your dating life miserable.

If you're an Arab girl in an Arab world, and have successfully announced you're no longer available, beware of the following: 

1. First and foremost, they want to know if he's rich

Keep aside the stereotypical "engineer or doctor" career choices, Arab parents want to rest assured their little princess is with someone well-off.

Questions like "what does he do?" and "kif wade3 3aylto" (what's his family's financial situation?) will pop up almost instantly. 

2. Then comes the most annoying of all ... the marriage question

If you're wandering around the house and stumble upon a long list of all your family members' names, then you know you're in too deep... your mother is planning your big day.

It's not just the parents though, your best friends are also low-key arguing about who's going to be your bridesmaid. 

3. "Doesn't he get jealous?" ... Because diving in your personal life is a requirement

Daughter: Mom, I'm going out with my friend Jad. 

Mom: Jad? Alone? Doesn't your boyfriend get jealous?

Daughter: *sighs* *slams door*

4. Now that you have a significant other, they want him over all the time

If you excuse yourself from attending an outing, the reason people love to have in mind is "she's going out with her boo" ... and so they tell you to invite him. 

They excitedly say "oulilo yejeh!!" as if you need to worry about that at the moment.  

5. More awkward questions follow

"Ma zhe2to men ba3ed?" (Aren't you bored of each other yet?)

This rhetorical yet not-so-rhetorical question is a trap. But you can always redirect it at your parents and see what they have to say after 25 years of marriage. 

6. "Are you guys serious?"

Answer with a yes and you're asked about a wedding date. 

Answer with a no and you're judged for having fun in a conservative, patriarchal society.

7. Your words will be recorded, so be careful of what you say

If you state your opinion aloud, whether it was about how handsome a guy is or how nifty he looks, your surrounding will flinch and doubt your relationship's status.

"Law byesma3ik chou elteh!" (Only if he can hear what you just said) ... as if you just publicly cheated on him. 

8. They believe they're in this relationship just as much as both of you are

As if it's not enough to have the whole community be self-proclaimed halal police, your entourage becomes worse when you're dating. 

If you're wearing a skirt that doesn't cover your oh-so-sexy knees, they dare ask "kif bi khallikeh?" (how does he allow you to wear this?)

Well uhmm, excuse you, but who appointed you or my boyfriend as my personal halal police?