Never has a night out clubbing in Beirut not been an adventure. The things you see will change your life - at least for the night...

You spend more time focusing on the bizarre things that are happening around you than actually partying and dancing. 

For the newcomers and the regulars, these types of partygoers are sure to be found in all Beirut clubs:

1. The show-off rich guy

Big shiny wristwatch, a cigar in his hand, branded clothes, and lots of expensive champagne bottles on his VIP lounge table... and his favorite club? Caprice of course. 

He bribes the club's security into becoming his personal bodyguards while he remains seated most of the time.

2. The party pooper

The minute they step into the nightclub, you can notice how unhappy and uninterested they are in the party going on.

They stand still, frowning and blocking the noise from entering their ears ... and throw an "I'm too old for this sh*t" every five minutes.

3. The party animal

"THAT'S MY JAAMMM!" is what they excitedly yell at each song coming up. 

They're the ones who start dancing while waiting in line to go in, and as much as their energy is contagious, it can also be annoying.

4. The clueless

Ah, the newcomers… these people haven't been clubbing that much but surely don't want to show it.

The girls are overdressed and the guys walk around in groups as if they're in a slow-mo scene in some cheesy movie.

5. The creepers

They stare at you from across the club, waiting for your eyes to meet theirs... and once they do, they make a move. 

Good luck getting rid of them!

6. The social media freaks

You're dancing and having fun when you suddenly find a hand creeping up next to your head... that's usually the social media addict trying to take the perfect selfie.

These people don't really party, they just spam their followers with useless stories and posts. Because how else would people know they're partying at The O1NE

7. The wasted ones

A visit to the ladies' room is always an indicator of how drunk your group is. Girls are wasted but very loving towards each other, while the guys are ready to pick a fight outside.

Then, the drunken star of the party shows up... dancing on the tables, falling with every step, hugging everyone, and making a scene you could've survived without taking part of.

8. The conversation openers

Some people have no interest in parties but go to socialize and end up talking the night away. It starts with a drink and a chat at sunset at Iris, and carries on throughout the night.

The whole conversation is you two asking each other to repeat what you said while pretending you're having the time of your lives... Sound familiar?