With summer just around the corner, Egyptians are already gearing up to hit the coast. Whether with family or friends, the beach is the go-to place for anyone looking to survive the blistering summer months.

To help you prepare, here are some of the typical people you'll likely bump into this summer at the beach.

1. People who blast their music for the whole coast to hear

I'm not sure what makes them think that other beach goers want to listen to their poor choice of music. We're glad you're having a good time buddy, but could you spare us the headache? 

2. Fully dressed elderly folk

Despite the sweltering heat, chances are you'll still be able to spot at least one fully dressed elderly couple sitting by the shore. There's no rule that says you can't enjoy the sun, sand, and sea spray fully clothed. 

3. Worshippers of the sun

These people are on the hunt for the perfect tan. They usually move in groups, and like coconut scented rotisserie chicken, they spin endlessly for an even tan. How else would you make your coworkers jealous of your beach weekend? 

4. The drinkers

For those, the perfect beach day must involve a cold drink in the sun. They come fully equipped too: Ice, alcohol, fruit juices, fizzy drinks, a pre-prepared cocktail pitcher, and possibly even some fruit slices, all in a couple of compact iceboxes.  

5. The lovey dovey couple trying to play it cool

They try hard to keep their PDA down to a minimum, but usually fail. Sometimes it gets a little out of control, but for the most part, its just sweet summer love. 

6. The family with a handful of squealing toddlers

There is no sight more heart warming than seeing children playing on the shore. However, there is no sight more disturbing and no sound more aggravating than a child having a temper tantrum.  

7. The active ones

Soccer, volleyball, racket ball, and yoga on the beach. Fun to play, even more fun to watch. 

8. The ones that never touch the water

These people will spend a whole day in their swimsuits, play volleyball and walk round, but you will never see them in the water. Whether it's because they are afraid of the ocean or worry about having sand stick to their wet bodies, we will never know!