It’s the middle of summer, which means we are suffering through the United Arab Emirate's blistering heat.

Now, I know I can’t really complain about the heat here because it is a desert after all (although now it is more of a modern oasis). But, I can share with you these sizzling moments we have all experienced during the infamous UAE summer.

Here are 8 times the UAE heat got the best of us:

1. When the eyeliner became a pool of smudgy black paint


Only Beyoncé can pull off a panda eyes and runny mascara look… and we all know it’s hard to look like Beyoncé.

2. When you roam the streets to find a decent parking spot


God have mercy on you if you have a 10 a.m. meeting in Internet City on a scorching hot August morning. RIP buddy.

3. When you have to wear a suit


As if wearing a suit to a meeting in July is not torture enough, now you have to worry about that huge ring of sweat on your shirt when you finally get to take off your jacket. It doesn’t help if you had Indian food the previous night either!

4. When you have to do the lunch break walk


You can’t take your car because you won’t find a parking spot, so you contemplate either committing suicide by actually walking to the cafe or starving to death… tough choice!

5. When your hair decides to go all frizzy on you


Humidity and looking gorgeous cannot co-exist… we advise you to embrace the UAE’s humidity and go with the Lion King look for summer.

6. When your glasses fog up


These can be the most annoying five seconds in your entire day! Add moments number 1, 3 and 4 and now you officially have the “Day from Hell” day.

7. When you can’t go to the beach because it is SUMMER!


Only in the UAE people can say: "I can’t wait for winter to go to the beach!"

8. When you don’t feel embarrassed about carrying an umbrella anymore


In the UAE umbrellas are not for rain, but for sun!