Desserts, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, have slipped in our daily routine like sugar syrup glides on knafeh.

Every Ramadan, people get creative with their takes on traditional Arab desserts, making the long hours before iftar worth it. 

If you have a sweet tooth and dive in the kellej and atayef tray first thing when you break your fast, then these desserts will definitely satisfy your cravings!

1. Knafeh lotus volcano

Marmalade is a Jordanian bakery that likes to go all out in combining two of heaven's tastiest desserts: knafeh and lotus. 

This knafeh-base volcano, drenched with lotus and vanilla ice cream on top, tastes just as good as it looks

2. Knafeh cheesecake

Marmalade strikes again with a mouthwatering mix of cheesecake and knafeh... in one delicious-looking cake. 

Ramadan worthy dessert? That's a big cheesy yes!

3. Nutella baklava

This sweet pastry is one of the traditional desserts we would have after iftar... but with a twist, a Nutella twist. 

That chocolate crunch is what dreams are made of.

4. Knafeh ice cream

Just as Ramadan coincided with the beginning of summer time this year, knafeh ice cream - or even better, knafeh ice cream pie - is all you need after iftar... or during. 

5. Nutella atayef

Who says you can only enjoy atayef with the traditional ashta? 

Since these sweet things are basically mini pancakes, they are easily filled with either Nutella or Lotus. They have successfully become a Ramadan favorite among kids and adults as well.

6. Lotus knafeh cake

Marmalade Kitchen is with no doubt a big knefeh fan. One of its many twists on this traditional Levantine dessert is a lotus knafeh cake. 

Now would you be able to deny the beauty of this? 

7. Ghazel banat ice cream

A good option to consider for cooling down after a heavy iftar would be Four Winters’ Ghazal Banat ice cream.

Yes... cotton candy ice cream, topped with crushed pistachios!

8. Dawaleeb el hawa

Zalatimo Sweets offers the perfect dessert, in which two layers of thin fried noodles - the same you find in osmalieh - with your choice of Turkish delight, pistachio, or lotus flavored ice cream.

If that doesn't scream Ramadan dessert, what does?