Arab landmarks. They're home to selfies, group shots and now shots. 

Here are 8 times people showed off their hair in front of Arab landmarks. 

1. Hair shining right behind the Burj Khalifa

Anybody who's been in Dubai has seen the Burj Khalifa. At 829.8 meters, you simply can't not see it. Unfurl your locks. Snap a photo. 

2. Let the wind blow through your hair at the Pyramids of Giza

Sandy brown hair mixes with the sandy browns of Giza's pyramids. 

3. Looking away from the camera to check out Burj Al Arab

If you're not sleeping inside Dubai's Burj Al Arab ... then you're definitely taking pictures outside it.  

4.Yoga bends in Petra

Do a yogi bend and bask in thousands of years of heritage. And while you're at it, let your hair down. 

5. Whip your hair back and forth at Baalbek

You can't come to Lebanon without spending a day in Baalbek. 

Baalbek's history extends to pre-Roman days, however significant development of the site was undertaken during Roman rule. 

It's also a great place to do optical illusion pics with your hair. 

6. Hair pulled back when intimate with the Great Sphinx

The mane of the Great Sphinx face to face with blonde locks makes for a pretty cool instagram pic! 

7. Sunset reflections at Lebanon's Pigeon's Rock

The beautiful sunset lends the iconic Raouche, and your locks, a gorgeous glow. 

8. Hair flying back at Eye of the Emirates Wheel

Located in Sharjah, the 60 meter high "Eye of the Emirates Wheel" is the most visible landmark in Al Qasba area. 

If you're passing through Sharjah, make sure to make it out to this majestic Ferris Wheel!