Answering absurd questions and refuting ridiculous assumptions is second nature to Muslims living in non-Muslim communities, especially in the West.

Insufficient representation and negative portrayals of Islam in the media often leaves many non-Muslims with little knowledge of basic Islamic teachings. This has given rise to Islamophobia, fueled hate crimes and asserted degrading stereotypes.

But, on a lighter note, it has led to quirky incidents in which people's ignorance simply cracks us up ... that is, after triggering an eye-roll, a long hopeless sigh and the occasional face-palm.

I'm talking about the questions you just can't get yourself to answer without resorting to sarcasm, and the incidents that leave you unsure whether to laugh or cry. 

We've all heard things like, "Do you shower with your hijab on?" and "You're Muslim, so you must be Arab", but here are 8 times people took it to a whole other level:

1. When this Muslim accidentally led a yoga class ... while praying

Well, those women weren't really that far off. Several movements in Islamic prayer are actually similar to yoga positions, and prayer itself aims at meditation.

2. When the adhan was music to people's ears

It's the latest hit single ft. Sheikh Khalifa. 

3. When someone thought hajj was a concert

Another Twitter user asked "What's up with the Mecca concert?" ...  sarcastic replies ensued. 

4. When American rapper 2 Chainz wore a hijab in Dubai

You hear that, Marine Le Pen? That's protocol!

5. When people think Islam is a language

This probably comes from the same people who use Arab and Muslim interchangeably. 

6. When this guy freestyled al-Fatiha

Who knew the Qur'an can impress foreigners? But, kids, please don't try this with strangers, especially closet Islamophobes. 

7. When this guy asked how Muslims reproduce

We just make lots of du'aa praying for babies, that's how we have the highest fertility rate in the world.

8. When this flirt called the hijab an "Allah Hat"

Well, when you've heard people refer to the hijab as 'towel' and 'rag', 'Allah hat' sounds impressively accurate.