Muslim men with beards might have occasionally heard a few comments here and there, but no one has had unsolicited comments shower on them quite as much as hijabis have. 

Many seem to somehow judge those who choose to wear the Islamic veil. Some wonder if she might be feeling too hot wearing the hijab and question whether she's oppressed, while others simply imply she's not wearing it right. 

However, sometimes, hijabis get to have the last word. 

Here are eight times hijabis hilariously clapped back at their haters:

1. The time one hijabi beauty vlogger had no chill

Every hijabi has gotten at least one negative comment about her hijab from a man who openly discloses his haram behavior. Shahd's hater had it coming. 

2. The time hijabis said challenge accepted

What do you do when a stranger spews a hateful comment and says your father would beat you up if you take off your hijab? 

Simple. Screenshot your dad's response for the most epic clap back of all time.

3. The time it wasn't anyone's business

Internet history: the only two words to remember next time a man comes hating on your hijab. 

4. The time other people's comfort didn't matter

One negative comment about the hijab = one extra scarf on her head. 

5. The time a play on words was magical

But seriously, aren't white people tired of asking that question yet? 

6. The time fashion trends were too good to pass up

The mannequins at Debenhams even had hijabs and turbans on too. An offer hijabis simply can't refuse. 

7. The time she had an unexpected role model

He should have known what he was getting himself into. *sips tea* 

8. The time a new shampoo was launched in the market

Once you start wearing the hijab, your hair magically disappears and all you need now is a shampoo custom-made for hijabs. It's true. Ask any hijabi.