Arab women have always been the subject of discrimination and objectification ... especially in the media industry and to a greater extent on TV.

They are pressured to adhere to impossible standards, while also being constantly criticized and downgraded to the level of a simple object or a mere sexual being.

Take a look at these 8 Arab ads as they shamelessly materialize women:

1. This sexist ad

In this Fiordelli ad, the woman’s face doesn't show... as if she doesn't matter. She lies on the floor at the man's feet, looking at him as he doesn't exchange the gaze.

The ad is clearly meant to be sexually provocative, objectifying the woman and giving her the sole status of a sexual object.

2. When a contestant is fat-shamed by a jury on live TV

On the 9th episode of Celebrity Duets on MTV Lebanon, Simon Asmar, a member of the jury, commented on Arze Chidiac’s appearance by fat-shaming her.

During her performance with Walid Toufic, Asmar calls her "dabdoubeh" and claims that when she jumped on stage, he got a message saying that people felt an earthquake in the Metn area.

Simon Asmar followed by instructing her to reduce her sugar intake as it is seen on her face, instead of saying it's visible in other areas of her body.

3. "He's just trying to do his job"

This XXL Vodka Mix ad displays women as desired objects that are just there for the pleasure of men. Apparently, the worst job is to be encircled by smart and beautiful women...

4. Thank you for reducing women to their appearance

This ad speaks for itself.

5. This Egyptian ad that minimizes women to only selling

This Etisalat ad downgrades women by suggesting that they are superficial, egotistical and into themselves. Media plays an important role in shaping society, are you sure this is the kind of message you want to send?

6. This inappropriate back to school ad

Source: Blog Baladi

With the belief that sex sells, advertisers will always find a way to turn an ad into a provocative one, featuring a sexualized woman just standing there to guarantee attention.

7. When they confuse being a man with objectifying women

Remember the famous controversy surrounding the color of this dress? Well, instead of using it creatively in ads, this is what they decided to do with it...

8. This Lebanese Loto ad

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