As 2018 sets in, your resolutions and momentary spark of motivation will lead you to get a gym membership.

You may think it through at first, wondering why would anyone torture themselves to begin with, but you'll do it anyway. 

So if you're considering joining the gym, these are some thoughts that will pop up on your Arab mind in the process.

1. Love at first sweat

Is it possible to meet the perfect match to end the overflowing questions of your Arab parents and family? 

2. Your usual fitness class is jammed first week of Jan

Everyone suddenly remembers to exercise now. 

3. After a hearty cardio session, you run to the water cooler like it's mayet zamzam

4. "I hope none of my parents’ friends go to this gym so that they don’t say I look haram"

What? This is what any Arab wears to the gym nowadays.

5. When you lift and all the "neswen" are watching you

Or at least you think they are...

6. "What the hell am I doing?"

If this is your first time, do not use machines you've never seen before. Spare yourself the embarrassment and ask someone first. 

7. When you realize you will have to spend a lifetime at the gym to burn off the mansaf you had for lunch

8. "Okay I proved my point, see you next year ya jame3a"