The start of every semester for a college student seems like a fresh start where anything and everything is possible. However, by the end of the semester, all university students feel like their souls have been sucked out and we can barely deal with all the pressure.

These are some thoughts that go through all university students' minds by the end of each semester.

1. Why did I sign up for so many classes?


You ask yourself this question wondering who the hell you thought you were to be able to take on more than three classes per semester, and then you remember that you're already late to graduate and can't afford to take any less classes. Oh well.

2. What is sleep?


You miss the days you even had time to shower, not sleep. These days, it seems like you have so much work to do you can barely spare yourself a 20 minute nap. You just wish you hadn't hated sleep so much as a kid and got enough of it while you could.

3. How long has the semester been going on for?


It feels like ages since you were the delicate child who signed up for this semester, and now you're dead inside. You realize it's only been a few months since it started, but the semester feels like it's been going on since the dawn of time, and won't end for another couple of years.

4. How late will I be today?

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It's no longer a matter of whether or not you'll be late to class today, but how late you'll be. This is one of the stages of giving up, and it's okay. We all go through this phase, the teachers (probably) understand.

5. Who do I have to pay to get through this?


You've given up, you're ready to do anything to get through the semester at this point. If you could sell your soul, you would. If you could pay someone, you would... but you can't afford to. That's why you're here in the first place.

6. Do I really need to graduate?

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Is it really important that you get a college degree? What good is it even gonna do you? These are the questions you ask yourself when you've completely given up.

7. The finals are just 90% of my grade anyway


Remember that one time you actually wrote a paper for one class? At this point in the semester, you begin to convince yourself that that impressed your professor enough for your finals not to really matter. You're wrong, but at least you're hopeful!

8. If I don't sleep or eat maybe I can do it


You make a list of how many things you need to do to even pass, and you realize that you could maybe do it in time if you didn't waste any time on sleeping, eating, seeing your friends or family, or attending classes...