Beirut is a great city with many great aspects, from its old parts to its new.

However, it is plagued by a culture of judgement and classism that will bombard you wherever you go. You will be judged about things you didn't even know anyone could be criticized about.

Here are some of the things you will probably be judged about in Beirut.

1. What you do for a living


Unless you're a millionaire, you will be judged by everyone for whatever you do for a living. You're never good enough!

2. What kind of car you drive


If you don't have a car in the first place, then God be with you.

3. What sort of clothes you wear


If it's not overpriced sweatshop fashion, it will probably be disapproved of.

4. Where you spend your time


Drop the name of any cafe, restaurant or bar in the city and you'll hear someone ask you, "really?" with a weird look on their face. If you're not paying a tiny fortune every time you go out, are you really going out?

5. Being too religious


It's so backwards! Because religion automatically cancels out your ability to think, apparently.

6. Not being religious enough


You need to remember and respect your culture, please! As if that has anything to do with it.

7. The way you speak


If you don't include a French or English sentence after every other word, you will be looked down upon.

8. Basically, every single choice you make


What can you do?